Spell Work is a tender exchange–a ritual of co-creation.

Creating a physical representation of your dearest heart’s wish.

Spell Work begins with a guided meditation, helping us connect to the infinite possibilities of this moment and the poetic voice of your heart. Once your heart is speaking I will help you to clarify your intention, refining until we find a powerful, resonant phrase; your dearest heart’s wish. You will write this wish on an Official Wish certificate.  I will then choose ingredients, from a medicinal bouquet of flowers and other accoutrements, that I believe are in alignment with your wish. Activating your senses, you will interact with each of these ingredients as I explain their particular mythical, medicinal and energetic properties. These pieces are held in a vessel of receptive well water, intensifying all.  When your spell is complete I will advise you in ways to continue integrating this intention with your will and actions.
May All Our Dreams Come True

Available for private sessions and house calls.

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