Magical Moments Delivered

More than a singing telegram, we make dreams come true. Custom built for your special occasion, each magical moment is a well balanced recipe of song, gesture, flowers and your sentiments for the recipient. Gretagrams are unforgettable. Currently serving the Seattle area, Gretagrams are available wherever Greta Jane happens to be.

Simple Service- $100

  • 1-3 songs
  • single flower
  • a card with your sentiments

Flower Petal Shower service – $110

  • 1-3 songs
  • recipient lovingly showered in petals
  • a card

Lullaby Service – $150

  • I will sing you to sleep (as many songs as it takes)

Endless Possibilities Service – $120-sky is the limit

  • flower petal shower- $20-up
  • grander bouquet $20-up
  • more songs $20-up
  • more minstrels $sky is the limit


Call Gretagrams 360-486-4724