Greta’s Guide to the Galaxy

We met on a city bus in Boston in 1998. I was an art student, she was a Swedish au pair working for a German family. She didn’t have a lot of friends and decided to start talking with people on the bus. She told me, “I like your hat”, I replied, “I like yours too”, and so our friendship began. She was studying film and thought I would be an interesting person to document, she was quite impressed with my sense of humour. I was flattered and agreed, I am very funny.
This week we saw one of the things that can happen when two strangers meet, and commit to share more than funny stories on film for fourteen years. Greta’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Astrid Askberger, premiered at the Gothenburg International Film festival. This very personal documentary follows my life, my heart’s path, my relationships, family, artistic growth and of course, my incredible sense of humour.



  1. Susan Tuzzolino

    the wave i ride curls around the heart of my life
    where passions splash clear blue upon the shore
    and wash the past clean of reliving and full
    of forgiving. pull me in and soak my being
    with all that is yet to come while i breathe
    in this moment.
    will there be more?
    a full length film where all of our hearts
    sparkle like diamonds upon the sea
    of desire and dreams.

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